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Preparing, Testing + Using InsideTracker

Scheduling Your Test

Does the lab need my insurance information?

No. You do not need insurance for the blood test, and your lab slip provides all the necessary information for Quest Diagnostics. 

What do I need to do in preparation for my test?

WHAT DO I NEED TO DO IN PREPARATION FOR MY TEST? All InsideTracker blood tests require a 12 hour fast immediately preceding the test. Home Kit users may fast anywhere from 10-12 hours.   In addition to your fast, please: * Do not engage in

How do I schedule an appointment for my blood draw?

1. Click on this Quest locator link and type in your zip code. Your screen should now look something like the image below.  From there, you will click on "Schedule Appointment".     1. After you click Schedule appointment, you will see this

How do I upload past lab results to InsideTracker?

If you’re looking to analyze your existing blood test results, the InsideTracker Membership is right for you. With this Membership, you can upload the blood results you already have for a health analysis. You can also sync your fitness tracker to fee

Do I need to stop taking my medications and/supplements before the blood draw?

Please consult with your healthcare professional first about whether to stop taking any medications you are currently taking before your blood test. If you regularly take supplements please stop taking them 24 hours before you blood test. If you take

Why do I need to include a date for my tests?

One of the most valuable components of InsideTracker is the ability to monitor the change in your biomarkers over time. By including a date for your test, we can retroactively observe any changes in your wellness between then and now -- and use this

Where can I find my blood test results?

Once your results have been posted to your account, you will be notified via email. You can check for your results on either our website or mobile app. If you elect to use our website, you can login, go to your account and select the bloodwork tab to

Why do I get a message that I’ve entered an incorrect value?

Whether you manually input your results or upload an image of them, InsideTracker will scan and review them to ensure biological plausibility. If a value is flagged, you will be notified. Usually, incorrect values result from mismatched units, an

My results showed up in my Quest account first, do I need to do anything with them?

No, there is nothing needed on your part. Quest will automatically send it to your Quest account and to us at the same time. Our doctor will review the results and then it will be submitted to your profile. There are just a few extra steps we take

The units from my past lab test results are different from those in InsideTracker. What should I do?

Good question! In the data entry screen, please look to the right of each data entry field, and you will see a drop down menu. This menu allows you to adjust the units to match those in your lab report. If you have further questions about conversion

I purchased a test a while ago and never used it. Does it expired?

All tests are good for two years from the date of purchase! To use it, please go to your Orders page click the "use test" button next to the test you want to use, and you're good to go!

Why shouldn't I workout for 48 hours before my blood test?

It is important to not workout 48 hours prior to your test because your inflammation markers can be raised, as your body responds to recovering from the workout. Having a baseline of these markers is important because if you workout and your results

How long does it take to get confirmation on my Mobile Blood Draw Appointment?

Typically, it takes 3-5 business days to receive an appointment confirmation after submitting your request. 

How can I change my Mobile Blood Draw appointment time?

InsideTracker uses multiple phlebotomy services to ensure a convenient testing experience. If you aren't sure which service you're using, please check your email confirmation. ExamOne: Call 888-302-7652 to reschedule. You will need your Event ID for

What can I expect during my mobile blood draw?

Your appointment will be scheduled for a one hour window. On the day of the draw, you can expect to receive the same experience from the phlebotomist, as if you were to walk into a lab. The draw itself will take no longer than 15 minutes. After our

How do I schedule my appointment for my blood draw?

In-Lab Draw:

Can I transfer a plan to someone outside of the United States?

 Plans can only be transferred to people residing in the U.S. or Canada.

I just donated blood, should I wait to do my InsideTracker test?

It can take 6-12 weeks for Iron and HGB levels to return to normal after donating blood. It is up to you when you would like to test but keep in mind some of your red blood cell numbers will not be accurate if you test within this timeframe. If you

What should I expect for my Mobile Blood Draw?

DynaCare - The phlebotomist will call you directly to schedule your appointment and will bring your kit on the day of the draw. ExamOne - The phlebotomist will call you directly to schedule your appointment and your kit will be mailed to you

Does having Covid-19, or getting the Covid-19 vaccine affect my InsideTracker results?

We do recommend waiting 2 weeks after you have been vaccinated, to go for your blood draw. With all viral infections as well as vaccinations, there is a possibility of an immune response along with an increase in inflammation. This means that you

How can I transfer a test to someone else?

Once you have purchased your blood plan and set up your InsideTracker account, go to your account and follow these steps: 1. Click “My Orders” in the top right-hand corner 2. Find the test you would like to transfer and select “Transfer plan” 3

When and how often should I retest?

InsideTracker is designed to guide you to your goals, and the best way to measure the positive progress you have made is to set your benchmarks and baseline, follow your plan, and then retest. We recommend retesting every three months to see how your

What is Progesterone and when should I test it?

Progesterone is a steroid hormone vital to women’s reproductive health. Progesterone is primarily produced by the adrenal cortex, gonads, and corpus luteum.

I just purchased from your website, what’s next?

* After you’ve purchased one of our lab tests (Ultimate or InnerAge), please go to your Orders page and select "Use Plan". This will start the process for our physician will review your order and provide you with a lab slip.  This process can take

What is TSH and when should I test?

Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) is the most sensitive marker of thyroid function, making it the biomarker to measure to assess thyroid function  TSH regulates metabolic functions like lipogenesis and lipolysis, the creation and breakdown of fats

Can I share my results with my doctor or nutritionist?

Our system is a self-contained web platform that includes optimal biomarker level zones as well as nutrition and lifestyle recommendations personalized to you. It is not a substitute for advice and analysis by a licensed medical professional. We

How can I create or edit my Action Plan?

InsideTracker's Action Plan feature is where you can really personalize your recommendations. After your test results have been uploaded to your account, you can access them through either the website or mobile app and create an action plan using

What resources are there to help me with my results?

Your results are personalized and provide you with your results and some useful suggestions on how to improve.  If you have any questions about specific markers or suggestions, please feel free to search in our Knowledge Base, Blog, or click “show

How do I schedule my appointment for my blood draw?

1. Click on this Quest locator link and type in your zip code. Your screen should now look something like the image below.  From there, you will click on "Schedule Appointment".   2. After you click Schedule appointment, you will see this

How can I print my lab slip?

Downloading and printing out your lab slip is now optional! Once you Activate your Order, it will electronically go to Quest within 24 hours. If would still like to print your lab slip, you have that option on your Orders page to download and print

Can fasting insulin levels be improved?

Like other markers of blood sugar (fasting glucose and hemoglobin A1c), insulin levels are modifiable through lifestyle, nutrition, supplement, and exercise habits. 

How long should I fast before an insulin blood test?

It’s recommended to complete a 12-hour fast prior to a fasting insulin blood test (to avoid expected fluctuations of the hormone from food) for a reliable result of your body’s baseline insulin levels. If you take biotin supplements, stop biotin use

What is Estradiol and when should I test it?

Estradiol (E2) is the most potent form of estrogen in the body and is a key reproductive hormone for both men and women, both of which shift with age. during reproductive years. In women, E2 promotes the development of breast, uterine, and vaginal ti

How do I prepare for my blood test?

* All InsideTracker blood tests require a 12-hour fast immediately preceding the test.    In addition to your fast, please: * Do not engage in strenuous exercise for 48 hours before the blood test. Beginner weight-lifters

How often should I measure my fasting insulin levels?

Getting a baseline measurement of your fasting insulin levels and scheduling routine follow-up tests every three to six months is recommended.

How can I utilize the data entry option for InsideTracker Membership?

To enter your existing blood data, login to your InsideTracker account on the web, find your name in the top right corner, and click on "Add test results." Select "enter them manually here" to enter and publish your available results into your accoun

Exercise prior to testing

In general, we recommend avoiding strenuous exercise for 48 hours prior to testing. This is because strenuous exercise can temporarily impact some markers, and we want your results to accurately reflect your body's typical state. Strenuous exercise i

Ultimate Panel

Recent updates: Insulin is in the process of being added to our Ultimate Panel and will be available as of 6/29/2023 for US customers only. Progesterone, Estradiol, and TSH have been added to our Ultimate Panel as of April 2023  Our Ultimate

Can I transfer a plan to a state that requires Mobile Blood Draw (NY, NJ, HI, AZ, or RI) without purchasing a Mobile Blood Draw?

Yes. However, If the transferee lives in one of these mentioned states, they will have to purchase Mobile Blood Draw as an add-on to the plan. This can easily be done on your online profile's 'My Orders' screen. Mobile Blood Draw can also be added

When will I see my lab results?

You will receive an email from InsideTracker saying your results are ready. Once you’ve received your email, log into your account, click on the “Bloodwork” drop-down menu, and select “Analysis and Recommendations”.  Below are the specifics of each

How do I schedule an appointment for my blood draw?

Mobile Blood Draw  * Simply log into your account and select the drop-down menu next to your name in the top right corner.  From there you will click “Use Test” and you will be guided through the scheduling process. * For people living in Canada

What if I'm gluten-free, paleo, vegan, etc.? Will it take that into account?

Yes. You can input your dietary preferences and we will not recommend foods to you that you cannot, or are not willing to, consume. You can also easily update these. Food preference or dietary changes (or any profile changes, for that matter) can be

I just bought a plan. What's next?

* After you’ve purchased one of our lab tests (Ultimate or InnerAge) our physician will review your order and provide you with a lab slip.  This process can take up to 48 hours.  You will also receive a questionnaire that is personalized towards

How long should I wait before an insulin blood test if I’m taking hormones?

If you are taking hormones, please take note of the following suggested time frame of collection. Failure to collect within these recommended periods may result in false high or low results. * Pills, Gels, Creams, Sprays: allow 12 to 24 hours from