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How can I change my Mobile Blood Draw appointment time?Updated 4 months ago

InsideTracker uses multiple phlebotomy services to ensure a convenient testing experience. If you aren't sure which service you're using, please check your email confirmation.

ExamOne: Call 888-302-7652 to reschedule. You will need your Event ID for them to identify you.

Phlebfinder and Dynacare: Call back the number that originally contacted you to schedule your blood draw.

GetLabs: Follow the link from the original email that was sent to you, which should offer you the option to reschedule or book a new appointment. 


Please note that rescheduling less than 24 hours ahead of your appointment time is not guaranteed. If you miss your appointment time or have trouble getting in contact with your phlebotomy service, please contact us at (800)-513-2359 opt 2

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