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How can I create or edit my Action Plan?Updated a month ago

InsideTracker's Action Plan feature is where you can really personalize your recommendations. After your test results have been uploaded to your account, you can access them through either the website or mobile app and create an action plan using your Dashboard. Note that you can only access the tracking on one platform. Depending on the markers you tested, your action plan can be focused on various goals, such as Sleep, Fat Loss, Overall Health, Metabolism, Strength and Power, Injury Prevention and Recovery, Energy, Gut Health, Stress, Cognition, Heart Health, InnerAge, and Endurance. This helps you prioritize the recommendations that will have the biggest impact on your goal. You can enable and disable recommendations as needed to keep up with your daily check-in. Currently, only one action plan is allowed, but the team is constantly working to improve the offerings for customers.

The following video demonstrates how to select or change your action plan and add personalized recommendations.


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