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InsideTracker DeepDive

Do I need to purchase Nutrition DeepDive?

No, Nutrition Deepdive is available to any InsideTracker customer.

Do I need to have a new blood test to complete Nutrition DeepDive?

No, you can currently use existing blood work to complete your Nutrition DeepDive; however, we encourage you to have blood work done within 6 months of your DeepDive in order to see how your diet impacts your biomarkers. The best time to start a Deep

Privacy/security of Nutrition DeepDive results

We take data privacy seriously, and our industry reputation in this arena remains untarnished throughout our over 10 years of business wherein we have handled thousands of blood tests. We remain HIPAA and SOC2 certified.

Why should I complete a Nutrition DeepDive?

Nutrition DeepDive allows InsideTracker to collect data on your actual eating patterns. Over the course of 7 days, we are able to determine your normal, or average, intake of many nutrients. Track your foods on weekdays and weekends because your eati

How does Nutrition DeepDive differ from MyFitnessPal?

Nutrition DeepDive goes much beyond just food logging, like you would get from MyFitnessPal, because we are incorporating your food tracking with many other data points about you. Unlike MFP, InsideTracker also provides specific recommended levels fo

I already log my food in MyFitnessPal. Can I just transfer that log over?

Unfortunately, no. We strive to provide more information on nutrition than just calorie intake, which is why we made our own logging tool.

Are insights coming from an individual provider on a case by case basis or are they more algorithmic?

InsideTracker Nutrition DeepDive delivers nutrient intake recommendations and timing insights via an AI-driven algorithm. Each recommendation fires for a specific customer based on their blood biomarker levels, DNA scores, physio-data (if a customer

When should I complete my Nutrition DeepDive?

Ideally, you will complete your Nutrition DeepDive while you are awaiting blood results or right before you get a blood test. This will provide us with the most up-to-date information from your blood to compare with your intake. Additionally, Nutriti

Should I keep logging if I get sick in the middle of the logging period?

If your food intake changes dramatically from your normal intake, it may be worth restarting your DeepDive at another time in order to get an accurate picture of your intake.

Why do I need to log 7 days? Why not 3 or just 1?

We are more likely to get a sense of your average intake when you track your food and supplement for a full week. Additionally, you are also able to include both weekdays and weekends when collecting 7 days of logging. We may miss foods that you eat

Why can’t I log foods in advance?

The goal of DeepDive is to collect what you are actually eating, not what you think you normally eat or what you are planning to eat. We all have plans for our food intake, but circumstances arise that do not allow us to eat according to our plan all

Do I really have to log everything I eat? Can I just skip logging my snacks or salad dressing? How much difference do they make?

Logging all of your food intake is important to provide an accurate account of your nutrient intake. Even foods that may not be high in calories may still contribute micronutrients that will impact your DeepDive insights. Some foods may be fortified

My supplement isn’t available in Deepdive logging. What should I do?

First, thank you for being part of DeepDive! It is a new feature in the product and one that we hope to continue to develop. We are continuing to update the database that provides information on specific brands of supplements. There are a lot out the

Search doesn't include the food that I ate. What should I do?

This can happen with mixed meals or recipes. If this is the case, try adding the individual components of the meal (like pasta, ground beef, and marinara sauce instead of spaghetti with meat sauce). If you still can't find the item, please contact ou

I found a match for the food I consumed, but the macronutrient information doesn’t match what I see in the app. What should I do?

If you are seeing this information on a singular ingredient, try searching again to see if there is an alternative available. Our information comes from a very large database that is likely to contain multiple options for each ingredient.

I have two fitness trackers. Can I connect both of them?

Currently, InsideTracker’s app only supports one connection with a wearable device. Supported devices include Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watch and Oura ring. If you have more than one device, you'll have to choose just one to connect. If you choose to con

Do I need DNA results to complete Nutrition DeepDive?

No, you do not need DNA results to receive insights from Nutrition DeepDive. If you have DNA results, it can be useful to add them to your InsideTracker account prior to generating your Nutrition DeepDive report in order to gain further insights into

I missed a day. How can I continue my Nutrition DeepDive?

You are able to retroactively log days in Nutrition DeepDive after you log your first day. When you log a new food, edit the information in the Time Consumed section of the Log entry details screen. You are able to change the date as well as the time

Why do I only have 14 days to log?

We limit the logging period to 14 days in order to ensure that we are collecting an accurate representation of a normal week of meals.

Information from my fitness tracker is not accurate in my Nutrition DeepDive. How do I fix this?

We pull data directly from your wearable device. You are not able to update this information within the InsideTracker platform. If you need to make changes to data from your fitness tracker, it must be made in your fitness tracker app and synced with

I am waiting for blood results to come in. Should I wait to generate my Nutrition DeepDive report?

It's best to get your new blood results before you generate your report. Your Nutrition DeepDive report will be based on the current information we have in your account, including your old blood results. You can finish logging your 7 days of data. Ju

I forgot to add my DNA before generating my Nutrition DeepDive report. Can I add it?

Unfortunately, you cannot change information in your report once it is generated. In order to include your DNA information, you’ll need to complete another 7 days of logging and ensure your DNA is in your InsideTracker account before generating the r

I can’t see calories, macronutrients, or micronutrients for each day. Why?

The act of tracking food tends to encourage people to make different choices. Our goal with Nutrition DeepDive is to collect an accurate account of your normal eating. In order to reduce the likelihood of impacting your food selection for a day, we’v

How do I add my Nutrition DeepDive results to my Action Plan?

Nutrition DeepDive does not connect to your action plan yet. You are likely to see many similar recommendations in your Action Plan. For example, in the Action Plan, instead of seeing that your nutrition intake is low in fiber, you are likely to see

Why can’t I see a summary of my daily logs or receive feedback on them?

The goal of Nutrition DeepDive is to give you an overview of how your habits impact your health. In order to do this, we want to capture realistic food intake. Providing a summary or feedback can influence your food decisions, which would impact the

Do I have to log my foods when I eat them?

We recommend you record items as you eat for better recall accuracy of ingredients and amounts. If you prefer, though, you can enter all your foods at the end of the day. Just be sure to enter the correct time you consumed each food.

What if I forgot to wear my fitness tracker on some days?

You won’t be able to edit fitness tracker data on your sleep, activity and heart rate in Nutrition DeepDive but you can edit your entries in the fitness tracker app. Ensure that you sync your fitness tracker app before generating your Nutrition DeepD

Do I have to enter my weight every day?

No, entering your weight daily is optional. Just like your blood and activity data, we want to use the most up-to-date information on your body to make recommendations, such as how much protein you should consume. If you don't provide us a weight eve