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Why should I complete a Nutrition DeepDive?Updated 5 months ago

Nutrition DeepDive allows InsideTracker to collect data on your actual eating patterns. Over the course of 7 days, we are able to determine your normal, or average, intake of many nutrients. Track your foods on weekdays and weekends because your eating habits may vary. Your normal intake of nutrients can have a significant impact on your biomarkers, as well as physiological markers like your heart rate, sleep, and exercise intensity. Currently, our food frequency questionnaire collects general categories of foods based on your perceived level of consumption. This is less precise, and we don’t know the specific kind of foods in  each category you are eating. With this more precise collection method, we are able to provide more insight into how your diet impacts your health. 

Tracking your nutrition also allows us to provide insights related to the timing of your food intake. Because your logged foods and supplements include a timestamp, we can assess how your meals and the components of those meals may impact your athletic performance, sleep, supplement absorption, and more. 

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