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Fitness Trackers

Will my InsideTracker app automatically update after I go for a run or workout?

Yes, it should sync a short amount of time after your wearable records your run or workout. You will be automatically checked into the recommendations that apply to your wearable.

What are the benefits of connecting my fitness tracker with InsideTracker?

InsideTracker is constantly working to improve our Fitness Tracker usability and we are actively working on adding new integrations and tracking more available metrics. When you connect your Apple, Garmin, or Fitbit device, you'll have access to the

Can I add an activity or workout to my account without a tracker?

Without a fitness tracker linked to your InsideTracker account, you will not be eligible for fitness tracking benefits such as tracking fitness markers over time, seeing recently completed activities, receiving Activity ProTips, or automatic check-in

What are Activity ProTips?

Activity ProTips are ProTips that offer recovery recommendations that are specific to an activity you completed. You should receive a post-activity ProTip for certain activities that are at least 15 minutes in length. If you aren't receiving

Trouble with syncing your fitness tracker

We’re sorry that you’re experiencing trouble with your tracker connection! If your problem is syncing: ✅ The tracker is showing as connected under “Fitness Tracker” from your Account page ❌ The last sync date is not today ❌ Activities are not

Sleep data and Fitbit

Sometimes, you won't see a sleep breakdown from your Fitbit device. This is because Fitbit sends one of two types of sleep data: 1. Staged : Data is returned with 30-second granularity. 'Sleep Stages' levels include deep, light, rem, and wake. 2

Data sharing between InsideTracker and Apple Health

InsideTracker connects to the Apple Health app on your iPhone or iPad. Recently updated iPhones and iPads should automatically have the Health app installed. According to Apple, the Health App "collects health and fitness data from your iPhone, the

How do I connect my fitness tracker to my account?

To connect your fitness tracker, head to your Account page in the mobile application by selecting the Profile icon in the top left-hand corner of the home screen. Select Fitness Tracker and tap the “Connect” button next to the tracker you’d like to

Data sharing between InsideTracker and Oura

InsideTracker offers connectivity to Oura in iOS or android app versions 1.6.5 or later. This is a read-only capability meaning that Oura can send data to InsideTracker, but InsideTracker does not send data to Oura. When you connect your Oura

Which fitness trackers do you offer connections with?

We offer the following fitness tracker connections: * Fitbit (iOS and android) * Garmin (iOS and android) * Oura Ring (iOS and android) * Apple Health (iOS only)