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Data sharing between InsideTracker and OuraUpdated a year ago

InsideTracker offers connectivity to Oura in iOS or android app versions 1.6.5 or later. This is a read-only capability meaning that Oura can send data to InsideTracker, but InsideTracker does not send data to Oura.

When you connect your Oura account to your InsideTracker account, the past 90 days of activity data is sent to InsideTracker. After removing the connection, all associated wearable data is deleted from your InsideTracker account. 

Oura collects data from compatible third-party devices and apps that you record fitness information on. These often includes apps (like Strava, Nike Run Club, Peloton) and wearable fitness trackers (such as Garmin and WHOOP). 

Oura's API does not include third-party data. This means that you might record a workout using a different app or wearable and see it populate in your Oura app, and this information will not be sent to the InsideTracker app. 

As of today, we take only health metrics and activities recorded directly by Oura, or data you enter manually in the Oura app. This is largely due to limitations beyond InsideTracker's control. We appreciate your patience as we continue to deliver health insights in a safe and secure method.


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