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Mobile Application

Can I use the app if I'm waiting for results?

You can access your account on the iOS or Android mobile app immediately after purchasing. App version 1.5.0 or later supports test activation and tracking for first time users only.  Please note that in order to access your account, you must set

I keep receiving the Oops! screen. How do I get past it?

If you run into the Oops! screen, please try the following steps: * Make sure your device is connected to the internet * Quit and re-open the app * Check that your phone is updated to the latest software * Update your InsideTracker app to the

What does the Wellness Score mean?

The score shows how much those recommendations will improve your goal. A higher score means that it is more impactful for improving your goal than a lower score recommendation.

What data is incorporated into the app?

The app will present all of your bloodwork and is a great place to set up and action plan to prioritize your recommendations based on your goal. You can also find things such as your InnerAge score and data that can be pulled from your fitness