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What is the difference between testing with the InsideTracker DNA Kit and uploading my 23andme or Ancestry data?Updated a year ago

Connecting your existing DNA data is quicker and costs less, but there are a few key differences to consider when deciding between the two options. 

  • Comprehensiveness: The DNA report you will receive by uploading your existing DNA data may not be as comprehensive as it would be if you used an InsideTracker DNA Kit. This is because, depending on when your DNA was tested with 23andMe or Ancestry, less genetic data may have been available for analysis. Due to advances in genetic technology, more recent tests provide more data, while older tests provide fewer data.
  • Sleep genetics: Your DNA report may not include any information about sleep. This is because the genetic markers we use to generate sleep insights are often unavailable in 23andMe or Ancestry data.
  • Genetic scores: Your DNA report will include genetic scores for certain traits, such as athletic type and cholesterol. These scores combine a number of SNPs, rather than focusing on one individual SNP. Because scores require a minimum number of SNPs for accuracy, it is possible that the DNA report you will receive by uploading your existing DNA data from 23andMe or Ancestry may not include all of the genetic scores you would receive when using an InsideTracker DNA kit. The InsideTracker DNA kit has been custom built to include a specific array of SNPs that inform all of our proprietary genetic scores.

Always evolving: As DNA science and technology rapidly evolves, so do we. The InsideTracker DNA Kit and report will continually improve over time as we integrate the latest findings from the field––and that means users benefit from a product that is dynamic and cutting-edge.

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