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What can I do if I have elevated risk for accelerated cognitive aging? Does that mean I will get Alzheimer's disease?Updated 10 months ago

If your genetic risk for cognitive aging is elevated, it's important to approach the interpretation with a balanced perspective. First and foremost, please remember that polygenic scores are not absolute predictors; they provide probabilities based on genetic associations. These scores don't encompass lifestyle factors, which play a significant role in cognitive aging. Taking proactive steps such as maintaining a healthy diet, engaging in cognitive exercises, staying socially active, and managing stress can positively impact cognitive health regardless of genetic predispositions.

Additionally, the cognitive aging score does not incorporate genetic variants linked to Alzheimer's disease. This means there's no need for concern about Alzheimer's solely based on this score. Your cognitive health journey is influenced by a combination of genetics and lifestyle.  Remember, this score is one piece of the puzzle, and you have the power to influence your cognitive health through proactive measures.

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