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I just purchased from your website, what’s next?Updated a month ago

  • After you’ve purchased one of our lab tests (Ultimate or Foundation), please go to your Orders page and select "Use Plan". This will start the process for our physician will review your order and provide you with a lab slip.  This process can take up to 48 hours.  You will also receive a questionnaire that is personalized towards you that will help determine an action plan that will help you reach your goals.  Once those steps have been completed you will be notified via email that your lab slip is ready.  You can also log into your account and click on My Orders to see the status of your order. 
  • If you purchased a DNA kit, you will be notified once your kit has been shipped.  You can also track this on your Dashboard after logging into your account and selecting DNA.  You will register your kit once you receive it and follow the instructions provided.  Once completed, drop it in the mail with your prepaid shipping label.
  • If you purchased any of our upload products, log into your account, navigate to that tab, and select upload results.
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