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I am a coach, trainer or nutritionist, can I offer this to my athletes/clients?Updated 5 months ago


For coaches, dietitians, and other health and wellness practitioners, InsideTracker Pro provides access to a truly personalized nutrition and performance system, empowering you to guide your clients on a clear path towards their optimal self. Launched in 2021, we designed the InsideTracker Pro program to empower registered dietitians, coaches, trainers and other health and wellness practitioners to easily expand their offerings with in-demand services, providing hyper-customized programs and science-backed recommendations using blood, DNA, lifestyle and fitness tracker data. 

Benefits of the InsideTracker Pro program:

  • UNPRECEDENTED ACCESS - You’ll get simple, quick, convenient access to blood data.
  • IT’S THE ADVICE, NOT THE DEVICE - Transform your client's biomarker data into true knowledge, meaningful insights and customized Action Plans of evidence-based nutrition, fitness and lifestyle recommendations. 
  • MEASURE WHAT MATTERS - Vitamin D and B12, Ferritin, Cortisol... traditional tests don’t include these and other markers that impact wellness and performance. InsideTracker does.
  • OPTIMAL, NOT NORMAL - Traditional tests give you normal ranges. InsideTracker creates personalized optimal zones for peak performance
  • ON THEIR TERMS - Your clients can schedule a test at a lab or at home and results are available within a week.
  • TRACK PROGRESS - Purchase multiple tests to measure progress throughout the season
  • DATA PRIVACY - Secure, online access to review data with coaches, practitioners or physician

For direct contact to the InsideTracker Pro team, please email [email protected], or apply to join the Pro Program here.

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