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InnerAge 2.0

Can you add InnerAge2.0 to an existing Ultimate plan?

Yes, you can add it to any Ultimate test, even if you have already had your blood drawn! Just visit your orders page, find the test you are looking to add it to, and select "Add InnerAge". From here, you can purchase it on our store and your results

What are the required biomarkers to calculate InnerAge 2.0?

In order to calculate your InnerAge you must have one of the following combinations:  Male Albumin + Calcium + Glucose + LDL Glucose + hsCRP Glucose + HbA1c + LDL + Triglycerides + hsCRP Glucose + HbA1c + LDL + Triglyceride + Calcium Free

How can an biomarker fall in the optimal range but also raise my InnerAge?

InsideTracker considers a biomarker level “optimal” if it falls within the range that is personalized to an individual, based on factors such as age, sex, activity level, and more.However, even if a biomarker falls within this optimal range, it may

How is my InnerAge Calculated?

For a deep dive into how our InnerAge 2.0 calculation works, please feel free to check out our blog article.  You can also look at your InnerAge calculation to see what biomarkers are adding or subtracting from your biological age.