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Am I eligible for a refund?Updated a month ago

Refund and Expiration Rules and Guidelines: While we're confident you'll be satisfied with your experience, we understand that there might be rare instances when a refund is needed. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our refund policies:

30-Day Refund Window:
If you find yourself unsatisfied with our service and it’s within 30 days of your initial purchase, and you haven’t used your blood or DNA test, you may be eligible for a full refund. Unfortunately, once you’ve had your blood drawn or submitted a DNA sample, we cannot provide a refund. Please note that membership purchases are ineligible for refunds, but they can be cancelled at any time through your account. Reach out to us through chat, phone, or email at [email protected] to initiate your refund request.

Final Sale Beyond 30 Days: Purchases made more than 30 days from the date of sale are typically considered final. Our team might, at our sole discretion or as required by law, issue refunds or credits. Please be aware that statutory rights may apply, and this policy won't interfere with those rights.

Refund Processing: Refunds for eligible cases will be issued to the same credit card used for the purchase. Our support team will confirm the refund conditions and process it within 21 business days. If a direct credit isn't feasible, we'll explore alternative options, such as a PayPal refund or account credit.

International Refunds: For international orders paid in US dollars, the refund will be based on the exchange rate for USD at the time of the refund request. Changes in currency rates post-order placement won't be our responsibility.

In-App Purchases: If you purchased the InnerAge 2.0 add-on through our iOS app, the refund process is subject to Apple's policies. Please refer to their guidelines for further details

Test Expiration Period: All InsideTracker blood tests must be used within 2 years of the original purchase date. There are no exceptions to this rule.


If you are interested in reading our terms of service please find them here

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