Why does InnerAge2.0 test only for 14 biomarkers for women and 18 for men?

Biomarker selection for InnerAge 2.0 was developed objectively and driven by InsideTracker’s customer data. We chose only the biomarkers that had high correlations by gender, to be leading indicators of aging. For example, the correlation between hsCRP and age was significant for males, but not for females, so it is not included in the female panel. While more biomarkers, compared to our first generation of InnerAge, does in fact lead to comparatively more accuracy, precision, and stability, we would not include biomarkers to the panels in an effort to perceptually "balance the genders" if they didn’t have a scientifically proven reason and validity for being there. Both genders are getting an equitable value of strength, accuracy, and insights from their two respective panels.