Which InsideTracker plan should I choose?

The Ultimate Plan: Tests up to 43 blood biomarkers—including glucose, cholesterol, cortisol, and hemoglobin—for a complete and holistic analysis of your health. Whether you want to improve athletic performance, extend longevity, or improve your overall wellness, this is your all-encompassing solution.

The Essentials Plan: Your wellness journey deserves a solid foundation. The Essentials Plan tests 13 blood biomarkers linked to overall wellness, metabolism, sleep, and energy to provide a clearer view into the science of your body. This is your starting point on the path to better living. 

The InnerAge Plan: People age at different speeds, and the date listed on your driver’s license might not represent your body’s internal age at all. InnerAge analyzes 17 biomarkers for men and 13 for women to allow us to calculate your biological age (aka your InnerAge). This plan is for people looking to “roll back the clock” and receive actionable, science-backed methods to make sure your best days are still ahead of you. 

The Blood Results Upload Plan: The Blood Results Upload plan allows you to utilize a recent blood test from your doctor, employer, or insurance company and take advantage of the in-depth insight that only InsideTracker can provide. In this plan, you’ll receive personalized analysis of up to 43 biomarkers (depending on what your test included) for a complete and holistic picture of your health.

The Immunity Plan: This purpose-designed panel analyzes the top blood biomarkers associated with your immune system and inflammatory response, giving you the tools to remain resilient. The Immunity Panel targets a specific subset of biomarkers that are scientifically proven to support immunity, stress, and sleep to proactively prepare your body for whatever’s thrown your way. 

The Shalane Flanagan Plan: As a 16-time world champion and Olympic medalist, Shalane Flanagan understands importance of endurance and how to navigate the road to recovery. She’s been testing her blood for over 20 years—and now, the same specific biomarkers she relies on are available to you. With this customized panel, you’ll discover how to increase your endurance and optimize your body’s ability to recover.

The Advanced Home Kit. InsideTracker’s Home Kit allows you to gain an unprecedented level of insight into your health without ever leaving your home. You’ll receive a kit in the mail with simple instructions for collecting a blood sample that will be used to analyze seven biomarkers that are crucial to your overall health.