What is behind InsideTracker's recommendation engine and technology?

InsideTracker combine's its data points from both peer reviewed studies and our user's datapoints.


Several factors drive InsideTracker’s proprietary AI engine to produce the best recommendations possible:


  • Most comprehensive analysis of your body derived from +12 yrs of R&D
  • Integration of hundreds of unique static data inputs and an infinite number of unique variable inputs per user derived from up to 43 blood biomarkers, up to 261 genetic biomarkers, real-time data from fitness trackers (such as resting heart rate, HRV, sleep duration, and physical activity) plus a robust questionnaire of self-reported lifestyle and habits. 
  • Proprietary database transformed from an unstructured database of greater than 37,000 peer-reviewed studies into a structured database of 3,500 unique recommendations
  • The algorithm translates infinite potential combinations into science-backed Action Plans of personalized nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness recommendations to achieve optimal health and wellness.