I live in NY, NJ, RI or Hawaii. Can I test with InsideTracker?

If you are located in NY, NJ, RI, or Hawaii, you can purchase any of our blood plans. However, at checkout, you must select Mobile Blood Draw. This is because law in these states stipulates that consumers cannot bring a lab slip for discretionary blood work to a local Quest facility in NY, NJ, or RI from any third party, like InsideTracker. In addition, there are currently no Quest locations located in Hawaii. So, to provide our blood analysis service to our customers in these states, we offer Mobile Blood Draw where a certified phlebotomist meets you at a time/location for a blood draw. This option is a convenient service as well, and some customers prefer it.

Mobile Blood Draw - $99

With Mobile Blood Draw, we bring the lab to you. Choose to have a licensed phlebotomist arrive at a preferred time and location to conveniently perform your blood draw. It is the Ultimate convenience.