I have my own blood results, can I use that?

If you have your own blood work completed, the Blood Results Upload plan may be your best option. The Blood Results Upload plan allows you to utilize a recent blood test from your doctor, employer, or insurance company and take advantage of the in-depth insight that only InsideTracker can provide. In this plan, you’ll receive personalized analysis of up to 43 biomarkers (depending on what your test included) for a complete and holistic picture of your health.

What you’ll get with the Blood Results Upload Plan:

  • Analysis of your existing blood test results
  • Personalized optimal biomarker zones 
  • Action plan with nutrition, exercise, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations
  • Access to our iOS or Android App • Ability to upload up to 43 third-party blood test results for twelve months

For more details on our Blood Results Upload Plan, please click here.