How do InsideTracker's new ProTips work with my fitness tracker?

InsideTracker’s new ProTips take personalized health recommendations to the next level by offering science-backed recovery techniques—conveniently delivered after wrapping up your workout. Read on for troubleshooting tips.


First, make sure that you have downloaded the InsideTracker mobile app on either iOS or Android. To use this app, the minimum requirements are:
  1. Must have an InsideTracker username/password (aka be an existing user on the web)
  2. Must have 1 set of published blood results (results in account). See this article for more information. 
  3. Must have completed filling out your profile, web onboarding questionnaire

Next, connect a fitness tracker connected to the app. You may only connect one fitness tracker. See this article for more information. 

Now that you are all set up, to receive a new ProTip based on your workout, please complete the following steps:

  • Turn on push notifications to be alerted of new ProTips
  • Complete your workout
  • Sync your fitness tracking app within 30 minutes of your workout. See this article here or here for more information. 
  • Receive your recovery ProTip following your workout

Note that these ProTips will work for global customers, but there are no translations available at this time. All ProTips are currently written in English.