How do I schedule my InsideTracker test at a lab?

This article will walk you through a few easy steps on how to schedule your test at a nearby lab location (Quest Diagnostics).

  1. Go to the Quest website and click “Schedule Appointment”.  This is located in the top right of the screen.
  2. You’ll then be prompted to select the test that you have purchased.  You will select the option that says “All Other Tests”.  You may get a pop-up that asks if you have already purchased a test from Quest.  If you do, you will click “Yes”.
  3. The next step is where you’ll type in your location and select the location, date, and time of your blood draw.  Please note, not all options that show here are Quest locations, some are third-party locations.  You will need to select one that says "Quest Diagnostics".
  4. After selecting the ideal time and place for your draw, you’ll then be prompted to fill out your personal information
  5. Once you have completed that, you’ll confirm your appointment and you’re good to go!