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How do I schedule an appointment for my blood draw?

It depends on the method you chose, please see below.

Mobile Blood Draw 

  • Simply log into your account and select the drop-down menu next to your name in the top right corner.  From there you will click “Use Test” and you will be guided through the scheduling process.

* For people living in Canada you can choose between Ultimate, Foundation, InnerAge, and Blood Results Upload. Please note that AZ, HI, NY, NJ, RI as well as all Canadian provinces require InsideTracker lab tests to be purchased with the Mobile Blood Draw option which is an additional fee.

In-Person Testing

  • You would locate your nearest Quest location and schedule your blood test through their site.  This link can walk you through the booking process. 

* Please note, that when scheduling your appointment, you will select that you’ve purchased your own test.  If the site asks you the type of test, you will need to select “all other tests” and also select no insurance if asked.