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How do I make an appointment at Quest Diagnostics?

This article will walk you through a few easy steps on how to make an appointment at a nearby Quest Diagnostics location.

  1. Click on this Quest locator link and type in your zip code. Your screen should now look something like the image below.  From there, you will click on "Schedule Appointment".



  1. After you click Schedule appointment, you will see this screen below.  Select "All Other Tests" and then "Continue".

  1. You will then see this screen where you will type out an address where you are looking for a Quest Diagnostics location to be nearby.  This will populate a number of nearby Quest Diagnostics locations as well as a date for you to choose and that location's availability.  In certain areas, you may see other providers that you can select from, please make sure that you are choosing only Quest locations. 

  1. Once you've selected your location, date, and time, you will be asked "who's visiting".  This will be where you enter in your personal information(or the person that is receiving the blood test).   Also, please note that this test is not through your insurance as you've already paid through InsideTracker(you may be able to get reimbursed through you health insurance but not in this part of the process.  Please contact your health insurance and inquire), so you will be selecting "The person being tested does not have health insurance".

  1. Next you will see a screen where all you have to do is verify the info is correct and select "Schedule Appointment".  Please remember to print out your lab slip for your appointment as you will need it.  Quest is unable to print it at their location. 


If you have any issues scheduling an appointment, please reach out to us at support@insidetracker.com or call 800-513-2359, option 2