How can I create an my Action Plan?

This is where InsideTracker's personalization really plays a big part. Once your results have been posted to your account you can log on to either our website or mobile app to create your action plan. You can do this from your Dashboard.  Please keep in mind that you can only track this on one of the platforms. Depending on what markers you have tested for, you can create a plan centered around the following goals: Sleep, Lose Fat, Overall Health, Metabolism, Strength and Power, Injury Prevention and Recovery, Energy, Gut Health, Stress, Cognition, Heart Health, InnerAge and Endurance. This will help you to prioritize which recommendations will have the greatest impact on your goal. You can turn recommendations "on" and "off" in order to be able to complete your daily check in.   As of now, you are only able to set one Action Plan but we are always trying to improve on what we can provide our customers.