Do you offer discounts for multiple tests?

InsideTracker is designed to guide you to your goals, and the best way to measure the positive progress you have made is to set your benchmarks and baseline, follow your plan, and then retest. We recommend retesting every three months to see how your biomarkers are improving after committing to implement your personalized recommendations. Retesting your biomarkers can tell you what’s working and what’s not, so you can reassess your data and recalibrate your Action Plan to reach new goals. 

So, we created valuable savings when you purchase multi-units from two (2) all the way up to ten (10) units.  If you’d like to purchase more than 10 units, please reach out to our sales team at to discuss custom packages. 

Here’s some examples.


  • 2 Ultimate Plans: $189 off or $989 in total 
  • 4 Ultimate Plans: $657 off  $1,699 in total

InnerAge 2.0

  • 2 InnerAge 2.0 Plans: $79 off or 4319 in total
  • 4 InnerAge 2.0 Plans : $247 off or $749 in total



  • 2 Essentials Plans: $29 off or $349 in total
  • 4 Essentials Plans: $97 off or $659 in total