Can I test in Canada?

Yes, our blood plans do service Canada! 

But we do have some specifics when it comes to providing InsideTracker service for Canadians. 

If you are located in Canada you can purchase any of our blood plans, but at checkout, you must select an option called Mobile Blood Draw. 

This is due to a law that any 3rd party discretionary blood work performed in Canada, you cannot bring your lab slip to a local facility (it's the same law in NY, NJ, RI and Hawaii). 

So, to provide this service to our customers, we offer Mobile Blood Draw where a certified phlebotomist meets you at a time/location for a blood draw (typically at home). This option, at only $99, is a convenient service as well, and some customers prefer it.

With mobile blood draw, we bring the lab to you. Choose to have a licensed phlebotomist arrive at a preferred time and location to conveniently draw your blood. It is the Ultimate convenience.