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Why did you switch from group calculations to category scores?Updated 5 months ago

In an effort to offer more precision to how we interpret your results, we’re excited to introduce healthspan categories. These take the place of “group scores” which offered a basic and primitive interpretation of your results. Our original group score analysis was built over 10 years ago, and maintained several limitations that our science team overcame with the origination of healthspan categories.

First and foremost, category scores are backed by a proprietary calculation built by our science team. Unfortunately, group score interpretations were influenced by subjectively interpreting a specific combination of results. This opened up room for error and inconsistency in judging a group’s score.

Second, categories encompass all biomarkers and aim to focus on specific areas of your healthspan. While we used classic clinical terminology with groups, category names help you understand how those biomarkers might impact your everyday life. For example, you can find the biomarkers contained in the “Iron group” now factored into your “Endurance” category.

Third, healthspan categories result in a numeric score that makes it possible to demonstrate change over time in a more precise manner. In the Lipid Group results below, you can see the last three results were “Good”, “Good”, and “Good”. In the Heart Health category score, you can see change within the “optimal” section.

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