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What are categories and how are they calculated?Updated 4 months ago

In an effort to offer more precision to how we interpret your results, we’re excited to introduce healthspan categories. Category names help you understand how those biomarkers might impact your everyday life. For example, you can find the biomarkers contained in the “Iron group” now factored into your “Endurance” category. Healthspan categories result in a numeric score that makes it possible to demonstrate change over time in a precise manner. 

We calculate the category score using a proprietary algorithm based on weighing each individual marker's importance to the category itself. If you go to any category's page, at the bottom of the screen you should see a section dedicated to how your score is calculated. Here, you can see how much each marker relatively contributes to the total score. For example, looking at the metabolism score, we can see that glucose has a greater weight compared to total cholesterol. This means that having optimal glucose makes a greater difference in moving your score higher than having optimal cholesterol. While we do not disclose the exact calculation for each score, the individual marker weights were determined by our science team and are unique to each category.

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