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Do InsideTracker test the gut microbiome?Updated a year ago

The latest science regarding gut microbiome testing, it is notably inconsistent and unreliable. Tests could be taken 2 hours apart or two weeks apart and both show different results; making actionable next steps unpredictable. Read more here in this blog about InsideTracker’s position on gut microbiome testing.

You can still select “Gut Health” as your InsideTracker goal to receive personalized recommendations that focus on maintaining and improving your gut microbiome and associated biomarkers. Our scientists have analyzed the literature to identify the blood biomarkers and physiomarkers most indicative of a healthy gut microbiome. Six biomarkers currently describe a healthy gut: hsCRP, cortisol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, and HbA1c. What’s more, if you have an activity tracker connected to your InsideTracker account, your sleep and exercise data can also contribute towards the Gut Health Goal.

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