Which InsideTracker plan should I choose?

The Ultimate Plan, our most comprehensive plan, measures 43 biomarkers and 2 ratios to give you a deep dive into your fitness and well-being.

The Vitality Plan measures 20 key biomarkers that give you a picture of your strength and endurance, rest and recovery. Anyone who wants to gain a competitive edge should choose this plan; it is also ideal for committed athletes looking to take their athletic performance to the next level.

The High Performance Plan measures 12 key markers for performance, strength and recovery that are critical for individuals looking to push the body and mind to new heights. This plan requires no fasting prior to the blood draw, for greater convenience.

The Essentials Plan measures 13 biomarkers that are essential for everyone striving to achieve a healthier lifestyle, and include many of the biomarkers that we most commonly see as non-optimal.

The InnerAge Plan measures 5 key biomarkers that contribute to aging so that you can see your real age from the inside out!

The Advanced and Basic DIY Plans are the options for international customers and for anyone who already has blood test data from their doctor. It's easy to use one of the DIY Plans and enter your own results.

The Advanced Home Kit. With the Advanced Home Kit, you nick your finger in the comfort of your own home, collect several drops of blood on the blood spot collection card, and then ship the sample to us in the prepaid UPS pouch. The Advanced Home Kit measures markers critical to performance. Because it is available worldwide (except New York), the Advanced Home Kit is a great option for international customers.